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Pro tip: Quick Embeds

You can swiftly generate an embed by typing "".

Video URL [Required]

Input your video URL here, must be a direct link to their file extension (hotlinks), which means no Google Drive/OneDrive links or similar. Although Discord CDN ( works.

Supported Container:
  • .mov
  • .mp4
  • .webm

  • Supported Video Codecs:
  • Web Compliant (AVC/VP8/VP9/Theora/AV1)
  • Non-Web Compliant (HEVC). Requires compatible browser for playback such as Thorium or Safari.

  • Supported Audio Codecs:
  • AAC
  • MP3
  • Opus (Needs to be in WebM for Safari)
  • Vorbis (Needs to be in WebM for Safari)
  • FLAC
  • EAC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus)

  • Thumbnail URL [Optional]

    An image for the video thumbnail, make sure the image aspect ratio is the same as the video. If none is provided then it will default to a 1920x1080 black screen thumbnail.

    Quick Usage: https:/

    Supported Image Codecs:
  • PNG
  • WebP (Preview will be compressed by Discord)
  • GIF (Will autoplay)

  • Width

    Width for the video embed, when not specified will default to whatever the video resolution is.

  • You can set a custom width yourself by appending ?w=X, ex:

  • Height

    Height for the video embed, when not specified will default to whatever the video resolution is. A gap will appear upon video playback if set height is larger than the video itself.

  • You can set a custom height yourself by appending ?h=X, ex:
  • And when combined:
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    December 2023


  • (+) Discord Embeds are now full videos
  • (+) CSS fixes
  • November 2023


  • (+) Embeds now work on Twitter
  • (+) Overhauled embed system
  • (+) Quick embedding is now easier (
  • (+) Added default thumbnail feature
  • (+) Added automatic video width/height detection for gapless playback
  • (+) Added anti-idiot measures
  • (+) New changelog pop-up
  • (+) New & improved manual pop-up
  • (+) New Fancy animations
  • (+) Code and CSS cleanups
  • (+) Proper CSS screen size scaling
  • (=) Fixed a lot of bugs
  • (?) Added logging
  • (?) Adapted privacy policy

  • May 2023


  • (++) Initial Release
  • Close
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    Discord Embed Tool

    Allows you to embed a video file of any size and codec.

    New here? Refer the "how to" link above for help.